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Our doctors are great at the day-to-day preventative medicine and outpatient care, as well as emergency and critical care!

Call 818-788-2022 or 818-788-7860 NOW to book your pet's appointment with Dr. Leila Afshar, Dr. Mary Ashley Waikart, Dr. Aiden Kang or Dr. Laurie Leach. Mention BEST OF LA TV and get 25% off the office visit!

Providing our best in animal care including trauma, acute, and critical care 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital and Emergency Animal Clinic
.....where care and compassion count!

Got the Misbehavin' Pet Blues???

We got the answer! Call 818-788-2622 and book your appointment now with Dr. Rachel Malamed, the San Fernando Valley's only veterinary clinical behavior specialist.

As a specialist, Dr. Malamed works with YOUR veterinarian (it does not have to be a veterinarian from Beverly Oaks) to help you and your pet solve problem issues such as biting, barking, destruction, inappropriate elimination, fears and phobias, and much more. She also works with select dog trainers on reward-based compassionate and gentle protocols to achieve the desired objectives, and has training programs for veterinary hospitals to help staff learn how to reduce pets' stress in the hospital environment.

Welcome to our family!

Because illness has no schedule, Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital and Emergency Animal Clinic was formed in 1996 with the goal of serving the residents and pets of the mid San Fernando Valley by creating a facility that was open 24 hours a day, combining the different skills of an emergency room veterinarian with the skills of the outpatient and well-patient care veterinarian. This would enable our clients and pets access to a broader level of care for their pets under one roof.
We have embraced technologies that would help us deliver better care, and minimize our environmental impact at the same time. To that end, we have a computerized medical record, digital radiology systems have eradicated toxic wastes associated with the older film development systems.
We are very proud of our American Animal Health Asssociation accreditation. This is a voluntary program of compliance with a rigid roster of standards, designed to provide consumers with an extra level of assurance that the AAHA-accredited hospital is complying with a set of nationally applied standards of quality, in medicine, hospital protocols, cleanliness, staff training, and much more.
We are also proud that we monitor trends (not fads) in medical care. To that end, we use vaccines that only require boostering every 3 years, so that we are not over immunizing.

And our newest commitment is to your pet's MENTAL HEALTH!

Our further commitment to the health and welfare of our patients is our recent addition of a veterinary clinical behavior specialist.

Increasingly, pets are relinquished to shelters because of behaviors that result from fears and anxieties. Dog bites and injuries are one of the top reasons that people go to Emergency Rooms themselves!

Dr. Rachel Malamed is one of only 54 US veterinarians who have undergone additional extenstive training to become specialists in behavior, and it is her goal to help pets and their owners understand the motivations for "bad" behaviors, and embark upon a program to change the behaviors for the better, thus preserving the bond between the pet and the family.

You can learn more about Dr. Malamed by visiting her website at or by calling the California Veterinary Behavior Clinic at 818-788-2622.

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