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The Innovative Theatres Design/Build Process Details

Thank you very much for veiwing our "Best of L.A." nominee Video!
We hope you enjoyed it and that it gave you insite into our company.

We would also like to include a little more information on our theater design and build process to round out the video.

Our Process for custom theater design begins with the interfacing of the client with our team.

The staff at Innovative works along with you to gather the vital information needed to develop a style or design direction specific to your home's interior, budget, or simply your wish list.

During this initial meeting:

* We will discuss many different design ideas.
* Familiarize you with the latest in audio/video and whole-home automation systems
* Discuss seating options and accent lighting,
* Converse about acoustic reinforcement and architectural elements.

For our next meeting, a proposal will be presented to you that will outline your project based upon our design discussions. After being retained, we immediately:

* Refine ideas,
* Assemble sample materials.
* Create sketches and renderings that convey your theater's concept or theme.
* Create a preliminary budget for your completed project.

After these details have been finalized, Innovative Theatres will arrange and manage the entire project to its successful completion.

Classic Editions Theatre Packages: Produced at our facility and installed world-wide!

In addition to our custom theatre designs we have assembled a series of theatres that we call the “Classic Editions”. These theatres are pre-designed, scaleable, modular, and incorporate some of our most popular design elements.

Classic Editions are available in nine architectural styles and finishes with two choices of THX audio/video packages.

Produced off-site and installed in your home in about one week’s time, Classic Editions offer a unique alternative to custom design.

Please visit our web page Classic Editions for styles and details.

More about our company:

About Innovative Theatres

Innovative Theaters, Inc. is an industry leader in private home theater design, whole-home electronics and turn-key installation.

With over twenty five years of industry experience, we know that the most successful projects combine outstanding design with comprehensive and easy functioning technology.

With a skilled staff of designers and technicians, Innovative Theatres stands apart as a singular resource for the planning and creation of world class home cinemas and automated "Smart Homes".

Our team includes professionals from the fields of:

* Architecture.
* Interiors.
* Acoustics.
* Electronics Engineering.
* Systems Automation.
* Fabrication.

This broad blend of in-house talent allows us to ensure every project is designed and crafted to the highest possible standards of dynamics, creativity, technology and dependability. We see each project through from conception to completion.

In addition, Innovative Theatres is well-suited and experienced in team working with architects, designers and contractors, adding technical support for the best possible pleasing environment.

Browse our website to view many of the projects that were conceived by Innovative Theatres.

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