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Laser Hair Removal

Save upto 70% OFF

Quiet,safe & comfortable treatment.

Upper Lip: $20
Under Arms: $40
Bikini Line: $50
Lower Legs: $150

Free Under Arms with purchase of any laser hair removal pkg.

New patients;first time only

Weight Loss Special program.

Lipo Dissolve Injection: $160
Buy 2 area, Get 1 area FREE

Lipo Plasty Laser: $150
Buy 1 area, Get 1 area FREE

Basic Weight Loss Program: $50/week
All natural Medication & Free Consultation

Natural Detox: $99
Time to clean your body, Gain energy and Lose Weight with our Detox Program.

Herve J. Dumont, MD

On behalf of Dr. Midas Medical Group, I welcome you to our medical spa. We encourage you to visit one of our multiple clinics to receive one of our many promotional discounts.

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