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VSP Vision Care, the nation's largest eyecare insurance provider with 48 million members, has launched a new direct-to-consumer comprehensive eyecare. In our office, this translates to a significant savings of 30-50% (and often more!).

Yes, ANY one can be a part of this membership plan in five (5) minutes! Those who have previously been denied top-level eyecare, eyewear and lab work now have access!

This affordable membership plan is PERFECT for those who do not have access to VSP coverage through their employers and or the self-employed. This includes those who:

1. Have no vision coverage or have lost their VSP coverage when they lost their jobs or had their benefits cut due to budget cutbacks.

2. Former VSP members who moved on to other jobs without VSP coverage or who RETIRED and lost their VSP.

3. Family members of an employee with an employee-only VSP coverage, i.e., the employee is covered but the family is not.

4. ANYONE on Medicare, which does not cover glasses on a routine basis.

5. ANYONE who wants high-quality eyecare and eyewear that is not obtainable at box stores (most are commercialists who are mainly concerned about selling glasses and less concerned about prevention of eye disease and blindness.

6. ANYONE who is self-employed and had no idea that this is available for their families and as a benefit to their employees. (Previously VSP required 10 employees to qualify; now anyone can sign up for their membership plan)

7. Children who outgrew their parents' VSP coverage at age 23 and are now on their own. In the past they were relegated to sub-par care elsewhere. No longer. They can sign up for VSP membership on their own.

Signing up for VSP's membership plan can result in savings as high as 30-50% (in some cases, even more!). It's HUGE!

Check it out, sign up for it in five minutes , then call us for an appointment: http://www.vsp.careington.com or call us for details: 562-860-1339.

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Whether you are concerned about UV radiation from the sun or simply the normal visual decline associated with aging, the components of TOZAL Eye Health Formula have been statistically and clinically proven to neutralize free radicals, and may help preserve visual and macular health."

Be sure ask about eye nutrition at your next visit. We will provide information so you may purchase a single order or monthly delivery of TOZAL or OMEGA MAX through the EASYSHIP program. http://www.tozalformula.com/26122

Aloha* and Welcome to Our Office!

BEST OF LA features our segment once every month. Please check our website http://cerritos2020.com for the next showing.

I thank BEST OF LA for selecting us. This was a wholly unexpected honor -- out of the blue -- and we are humbled and honored that the producers of BEST OF LA vetted us with care and diligence and found us worthy of inclusion. As your producer informed us, 'Many doctors get nominated and want to be included, but few are actually invited to be featured on the show.' Performing background checks is a costly and time-consuming process which adds immeasurably to your show's credibility. By examining and evaluating the nominees before asking them to participate in your show has made this recognition an especially meaningful one for us.

Most of all, I thank BEST OF LA for giving me a forum to publicly thank God and express my most heart-felt gratitude to our patients for their years of support, while welcoming new patients into our family of patients.

I'd also like to personally thank in advance EVERY person who has come to this site and voted for us. Your vote of support and confidence means the world to us. As we say in Hawai'i, MAHALO (Thank You)!


I feel that I was born to be an optometrist and I have been living my dream for the last 26 years. My returning patients and word-of-mouth referral patients are like family to me; they keep me busy, involved and inspired. I am deeply in love with my patients and my profession and consider it a privilege, joy and grace to be of service to others.

We are a team of four doctors -- DR. ANNALISA FERNANDO-LANGIT, DR. SHARON MALLARI, DR. ANNIE TRAN PANGAN and myself. We choose to practice not only with our minds and professional skills, but with our hearts. We see our patients as human beings, individuals, not just as a pair of eyes to be processed as quickly as possible.

Our patients give us their trust and loyalty; we give back to them the most excellent eyecare possible. We owe them. Our patients -- with their word-of-mouth referrals -- have built our practice. In spite of the Recession, we have been blessed with steady growth and have never been busier.

By God's Grace and Dr. Schofield's 50 years in practice, we are a 76 year old practice with a solid reputation of extraordinary caring and excellence in eyecare and eyewear.


We are conveniently located in CERRITOS ON SOUTH STREET, RIGHT OFF THE 605 FREEWAY, in the same plaza as Wells Fargo Bank ( formerly Wachovia Bank and World Savings) and Carl's Jr.

These days, our patients come from everywhere and not only Cerritos and its surrounding cities. We have patients who come to see us regularly from up and down the state, Hawai'i and Alaska, from across the continental United States and from many other countries, including Japan, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, The Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Germany, England, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Mexico, Brazil and Africa.

Occasionally some of our patients will leave us due to relocation, retirement, job loss, and/or the loss or change of vision care and medical benefits. (These days, those who lose their VSP benefits can sign up for the affordable VSP Membership plan that pays for itself by providing a 30-50% discount off our comprehensive exam and a pair of glasses: SEE SPECIAL OFFERS in the tab above). Unable to find comparable care elsewhere, they return to us, even if it requires considerable traveling to see us. Indeed, our loyal patients are our best testimony ever!

More testimonials can be found here:


We provide eyecare in only one way: to give the best in personalized, compassionate and professional eye care to each and every patient, while delighting in our time together.

All of us are primary care providers (eye examinations, glasses and contact lenses, disease detection, treatment and prevention). We are especially known for our thorough patient education and state-of-the-art technology. We also strongly emphasize the prevention of disease with healthy nutrition. Each of our doctors also have their areas of special interest.

Allow me to introduce our doctors, whose competence is only exceeded by their caring:

• DR. ANNALISA FERNANDO-LANGIT joined us after she completed her residency. Her areas of special interest are Geriatric Optometry and Low Vision, a service that enables the visually impaired to lead fuller lives. This is an area that requires great patience, compassion and dedication, which are among Dr. Fernando-Langit's strong attributes.

• DR. SHARON MALLARI was a patient here for 16 years before she became a doctor. Her area of special interest is Contact Lenses, including Orthokeratology which corrects nearsightedness with the reshaping of the cornea with contacts. Dr. Mallari is an outgoing people-person with an infectious enthusiasm and joy for life.

• DR. ANNIE TRAN PANGAN worked here for three years before she became a doctor. Her areas of special interest are Pediatrics and Vision Therapy. She loves working with children, which is actually rare in doctors! Dr. Pangan's upbeat and positive personality uplifts all who are fortunate to know her.

I invite you to learn more about our associate doctors here:


Ours is a FULL-SERVICE eyecare center. We are known to provide the most thorough EYE EXAMINATIONS. We offer an extensive CONTACT LENS SERVICE and a top flight EYEWEAR (glasses) SERVICE with a board-certified optician with 30 years experience. We also have one of the largest frame galleries with hundreds of fashion and designer frames.

Our new patients are constantly ASTONISHED with how much we do that they've never had done elsewhere!

We do baseline RETINAL PHOTOGRAPHY on every patient. Who can remember all of the details of an individual's eyes from one year to the next? The photos allow us to detect the earliest of changes when treatment is most effective. We also SCAN OUR PATIENTS FOR GLAUCOMA, the silent killer of sight, with state-of-the-art technology, capable of detecting glaucoma as early as eight years ahead.

So important are these new procedures that we simply incorporate them as part of our yearly examination at no additional charge. Otherwise, the best of care is no longer affordable to all of our patients. It is our giving back to them, while also allowing us as doctors to practice at the highest level of our profession.

For our higher risk patients, we provide in-depth DIAGNOSTIC TESTING using the most advanced technology.

More info on our services:

More info on our frame gallery and optical services:


All of us take seriously the responsibility of being the guardians of our patients' sight. Of our five senses, sight is the most precious. 80% of what we do in life requires it. Without sight, a person loses his/her independence. Sight is priceless; once lost, it can't be bought back.

• What sets us apart most is TIME. We are the only office we know that consistently sets aside ONE HOUR of time for every patient's yearly examination. Quality CANNOT be rushed. And we take the time to carefully listen to our patients. We go the extra mile by proactively educating our patients, individually. Knowledge is power. And knowledge prevents blindness.

• We have a phenomenal team of CAREFULLY HAND-PICKED DOCTORS and a WARM AND FRIENDLY staff who love their work and thrive on helping people. This is a team of generous hearts. Instead of doing less, a question we continually ask ourselves is: What MORE can we do for our patients?

• Our GIVE BACK PROGRAM is unique. For every dollar we earn, we set aside a percentage to fund more technological advances. This is a field that if you don't keep up, you get quickly left behind. For the sake of our patients, we like being at the head of the pack when it comes to advances in technology. We are also fully engaged with our local community and feel very blessed to be able to give back to the citizens of our fair city as well as the surrounding cities of Artesia, Norwalk, Lakewood, Buena Park, Cypress and Hawaiian Gardens.

Two of the essential requirements of every doctor is (1) a generous and giving heart and (2) a full participation in the giving back to our community and to the world. We do this with open houses, lecturing at our alma maters, eyecare talks at schools, churches, senior centers, and other community groups, eyecare screenings and providing information on the WWW.

Join us at our Facebook page by signing into your wall, then going to:

And oh yes, be sure to visit our website: http://cerritos2020.com


Our practice philosophy is simple: ♥ greater than $.
We have our priorities in order.

1st: We do what is right because we answer to a Higher Authority.

2nd: We work with an agape love for our patients and for one another.

3rd: We follow the Golden Rule and treat our patients with respect, dignity and lovingkindness. We also abide by the oath that doctors take: Do no harm.

Our patients love us and we love them!

Come learn more about us at: http://cerritos2020.com , then give us call and make an appointment to see us. We welcome you!

With much Aloha*,

Dr. Darlyne H. Fujimoto
Dr. Annalisa Fernando-Langit
Dr. Sharon Mallari
Dr. Annie Tran Pangan

Terry, Mary Lou, Mary, Jeremy, and Lucy

11420 South Street (at Gridley Rd)
Cerritos, CA 90703
Phone: (562) 860-1339

We are located at Southeast corner of South St and Gridley Rd in the Wells Fargo/Carl's Jr. Plaza.

*Aloha means far more than hello, goodbye, and love. The true and deeper meaning of Aloha is: The presence of (Divine) Breath. It's a prayer, invocation of the Divine and acknowledgment of the Divinity that dwells within and without.


My story began in Hawai'i, where I was born and raised, immersed in The Aloha Spirit. At age 13, I was prescribed my first pair of glasses. It was a life-changing event. I could see individual leaves on the trees and my grades improved because I could see the chalkboard.

I decided then that I wanted to be an optometrist. I felt in my heart that I was being called to help others see well too. When I expressed my interest, I was promptly told that it was a 'male field' and was summarily discouraged from considering it.

God had a Plan and I was taken on a longer route to get to my calling. In hindsight, I see that every step was meant to be. Divine Providence provided and I graduated as one of a handful of female doctors (less than 10%) of Southern California College of Optometry's Class of 1983.

With diploma and résumé in hand, I ventured forth to my first job interview. It turned out to be my only interview as my predecessor Dr. Wm. Murray Schofield immediately hired me as his associate doctor. For most of his 50 years in practice, he had been searching for an associate doctor who he could entrust with the care of his patients and who shared his practice philosophy. He had tried out and/or 'apprenticed' 51 associate doctors before I came along.

We were a match made in Heaven and we both knew it right away. Within three months, he asked me to buy this practice and loaned me the money to do so. I was deeply humbled to take over his life's work and quite honestly, in shock. I was very wet behind the ears!

I threw myself into the work and gave it my all. In less than two years, we were so busy that I needed an associate doctor to help me with the overload. I had, by that time, already envisioned a group practice that would allow more doctors to work at this professional level of practice.

To this day, I wish every new doctor would have the privilege and joy of practicing as we do! None of them go through the demanding training and eight years of intense study thinking 'box store' or '10-minute-assembly-line optometry' where the emphasis is more on volume sales of glasses than caring for eyes and preventing eye disease.

My husband and I have literally sacrificed 'blood, sweat and tears' in our long and hard search for the right associate doctors. We've stuck to Dr. Schofield's advice of taking our time and waiting for our perfect match who has, as he described, 'the courage to be different from the rest and and is willing to make the necessary sacrifices to practice optometry the way it was meant to be practiced.'

We've had a number of excellent associates over the last 25 years, but there was not a single match. Everything happens in God's Time. As we say in Hawai'i, 'ka manawa pono' (when the time is right). That time came and we are now thrice blessed with hardworking and sincere associate doctors who share our work ethic and high standards and who are fully committed to our values and practice philosophy: DR. ANNALISA FERNANDO-LANGIT, DR. SHARON MALLARI, and DR. ANNIE TRAN PANGAN.

I invite you to give us a call and make an appointment with our doctors. I am confident that you will be as pleased with their excellent and conscientious care as I am.

With Aloha,
Dr. Darlyne Fujimoto, Optometrist

11420 South Street (at Gridley Rd)
Cerritos, CA 90703
Phone: (562) 860-1339

We are located at Southeast corner of South St and Gridley Rd in the Wells Fargo/Carl's Jr. Plaza.

'In all your affairs, rely entirely on the Providence of God through which alone all your plans succeed.... Strive very gently to cooperate with it. Then, believe that if you trust well in God, success will come to you.' ~FdS

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