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Sign up with a friend and you BOTH get $10 off!

The price varies according to your commitment level (you can sign up for 1x/wk - 5x/wk depending on class times and locations).
5 classes (1x/wk) $95
10 classes (2x/wk) $175
15 classes (3x/wk) $225
20 classes (4x/wk) $275
25 classes (5x/wk) $305

**Sign up with a friend and you BOTH get $10 off**

Weekend Warrior Boot Camp only $35!

SATURDAY Weekend Warrior Boot Camp EVENT! Only $35!!! DATE: 2/20/10
Sign up 4 people and the 5th person is FREE!
What is the Weekend Warrior Boot Camp?
Our Weekend Warrior program is a 4 hour total fitness workshop held about once a month at one of our 12 locations around Los Angeles. It's a combination of Boot Camp, Workout "Games", Power Abs, Stretching, Resistance Training, and much much more. Think it sounds like a lot? Well it is, a lot of fun and fitness...and all for just $35.
4 hours really?
Yup, you can do it! And don't worry, I'm a pro and I've got a great program put together for you. You won't even realize 4 hours have passed, in fact you probably will be wishing there was a 5th hour...seriously.
BRING A SNACK, You can break whenever you need yelling or screaming, just FUN!
****WEEKEND WARRIOR BOOT CAMP is coming to Griffith Park on February 20th! 8am-12pm ONLY $35 for 4 hours of training*****FUN FITNESS EVENT...SIGN UP NOW****


Fitness Boot Camps are the ONLY way to workout!!! And at BootCamp “Morning Crunch” we have the best personal trainers in Los Angeles, hands down. Find your location and sign up for BootCamp today! We have 12 exercises training locations in Los Angeles vicinity: Pasadena Boot Camp, West Hollywood Boot Camp, Sherman Oaks Boot Camp, West LA Boot Camp, Marina del Rey Boot Camp, Los Feliz Boot Camp, Culver City Boot Camp, Santa Monica Boot Camp, North Hollywood Boot Camp, Glendale Boot Camp, Downtown LA Boot Camp, Los Angeles Boot Camp, and Northridge Boot Camp! Register at any of our 12 Boot Camp fitness training locations in Los Angeles, Beach, and Valley areas.

Unlike military boot camps, there is NO YELLING OR SCREAMING! And our program is affordable! Affordable Boot Camps in Los Angeles? YES! You can complete the 5 week course for as little as $95. How can we offer such an inexpensive boot camp? Because we care about YOU and we want to offer a program that can fit your lifestyle. Our packages range from $95-$305 depending on your committment level and you can choose the number of times you come to class each week, we don't force you to join us everyday.

We are the Best Los Angeles Boot Camp Fitness program because we fit your lifestyle. We are the #1 California Health Boot Camp and we have the best Boot camps in Los Angeles. Join BootCamp "Morning Crunch." We have 12 locations in LA, the Valley and Beach evening boot camps and corporate wellness programs too. You don't need to be part of a boring health club or an extreme boot camp program that doesn't suit your needs. If you are looking for a Los Angeles bootcamp fitness program, you have found it! Other military style boot camps can leave you with extreme dissatisfaction and discomfort. Boot Camp doesn't have to be "yell in your face" experience, and it doesn't have to be an "extreme boot camp" or "totally wear you workout program" to be effective. You need a workout that is going to make you feel good and positive and like you've done something great. Our outdoor exercise fitness boot camps in Los Angeles will have you losing weight and feeling wonderful about yourself. No gym or health club in Los Angeles will help you reach your goals like our fitness bootcamps will. You deserve a good personal trainer in Los Angeles, and our "Morning Crunch" Los Angeles Boot Camp instructors truly are the best! Don't wait to get in shape Los Angeles!! Sign up now for our "Morning Crunch" Boot Camp Fitness programs in Los Angeles, the Beach, and Valley areas!. We have 12 exercises training locations in Los Angeles area! Yes, 12 BootCamps LA! We have 12 LA Boot camps!

We are voted the #1 LA Boot camp from SoCal Now on KTLA and one of the best LA Bootcamps from MyFox LA! We are the best fitness bootcamp in Los Angeles, CA .


Dulcinea Lee Hellings

Is the President and founder of ALIST FIT. She has been actively involved in the fitness industry for nearly 12 years. Dulcie is certified through AFTA in both Personal Training and Group Fitness Instruction. She took 4th place in the 2003 Ms. Fitness Hollywood competition and continually strives to educate herself in all areas of health and wellness. She has designed BootCamp "Morning Crunch" as the latest extension of her Fitness Programming in hopes of reaching out to all of those In need of an effective and affordable means of exercise. She still leads the West Hollywood Boot Camp location and loves it!

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