About Me

Age: 23
Hometown: Hertfordshire, England.
Education: BA Film Production.

Likes: Bacon. Cookies. Cake. Pancakes. Poker. Donuts. TV. Films. John Waters. Stephen Chow. Christopher Guest. Wes Anderson. Scorsese. ROMERO. Michael Caine. Johnny Depp. Gary Oldman. De Niro. Ewan McGreggor. Liam Neeson. Ricky Gervais. Mitch Hedburg. Taxi Driver. Bond. Amelie. Trainspotting. Darjeeling Limited. Shaun of the Dead. Shaolin Soccer. Godfather II. Waiting for Guffman. Lebowski. Kung Fu Hustle. Stranger than Fiction. Zeppelin. Who. Clash. Smiths. Joy Division. Pulp. Blur. CHELSEA FC!


Production Coordinator