About Me


Dr. Darlyne Fujimoto is an excellent example of what it means to live aloha. The medical care that I have received from Dr. Fujimoto has been above and beyond any other Dr.ʻs that I have experienced. Much of It might be because of her personality and high intelligence but I believe it is because she understands aloha and lives it.

Dr. Fujimoto also has highly honed diagnostic skills. The health information she is able to learn from the eye examinations and comparisons to historical changes in the eye is very accurate. I get better health checks and health lessons from Dr. Fujimotoʻs annual eye exams than I do from my family doctor.

Dr. Fujimoto probably saved the life of my mother because of what Dr. Fujimoto saw during my motherʻs eye exam and sent her to a hospital. The hospital responded immediately with treatment for a life threatening condition. Iʻm sure this is the only occasion that sheʻs saved someoneʻs life, eyesight or other. You canʻt thank Dr. Fujimoto enough for that kind of aloha.

Aloha ke Akua hoʻomaikaʻi Kauka Fujimoto a me poʻe hana.


Hana Lolo Uila